Hex and the City: The Struggles of Dating as a Witch

I was basically born witchy. My parents were new-age junkies my father is still a kabbalistic healer, so yeah , and our bookshelves were filled with bright and glossy iridescent tomes about astrology, meditation, the kabbalah, crystals, and ways to use spices to boost magical vibes with titles like The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft , Crystals and Healing , and Astral Projection. Throughout high school, I was an outsider in my Manhattan prep school. We were a band of sisters who forged together and created our own little coven. Instead of jogging in Central Park during gym class, we would talk tarot cards. I was a practicing astrologer for several years, but my crew at the time would poke fun at me because of my beliefs. After a bad breakup with a Z-list Capricorn celebrity, who laughed at my Full Moon celebrations and desire to consult the tarot for clarity, I decided to break away from my fear of being criticized by others. I was determined to live genuinely and surround myself with people who embraced my beliefs. And dating is the same as it is for everyone else—a shitshow

Dating as a Witch: My experience

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I’m broken. Okay, not actually. But even though I’m new at this witch stuff, I’m pretty sure things aren’t supposed to randomly burst.

The social shift toward this spiritual self-identification aligns with the rise of freedom of identity in general. As we have become more open about LGBTQ visibility, sexual liberation, and shifting ideas around modern relationships, it seems natural that our theosophical beliefs would trend toward being more accepting of deviating from the strict confines of popular traditional religions. Personally, I come from a lineage of healers. My grandfather was a Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who lived on an ashram.

My mother is a card reader and witch for a living. And today, their ancient healing practices provide the basis of my own practice as a sex and relationship coach. I also read cards, host moon circles, and do intuitive healing work. But my identity as a witch is much more personal than that. I am devout in my practice, meaning that I pray every night, meditate every day, and look to the stars for signs of guidance.

I find that these rituals work well not only for me, but also for my clients. It is my personal belief that ritual itself can dramatically heal wounds because of the time you take to address a specific need through it. Dating as a modern witch is its own particular experience, however. Though the expansiveness of spiritual practice can positively impact your life in magical and inspiring ways and is becoming more and more popular, it can still feel vague and be difficult to grasp for those unfamiliar with it.

12 Tips for Seducing Someone Who Identifies as a Witch

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Relationships are all about compromise. Especially when you’re dating someone who can do actual magic.

By Niecey Roy. Okay, not actually. But even though I’m new at this witch stuff, I’m pretty sure things aren’t supposed to randomly burst into flames around me. It’s really starting to cramp my style. To make matters worse, I accidentally put my date in a magical coma. And somehow— a rookie mistake —I yanked Daniel’s soul from his body. As a witch, I totally suck. The bad news: time is running out to return Daniel’s soul or he’ll haunt me forever.

The good news: Baba Yaga told me how to fix this mess. Hard to do, though, when my magic is going haywire and there’s a super sexy badass hunter who won’t let me out of his sight. Did I mention there’s a demon out there trying to kill me? Instead of reciting the spell I was supposed to be practicing, those words were on repeat in my head. Only, the candle had remained unlit for the last two hours, taunting me from its place at the center of the coffee table.

The room was flooded with light because we thought the glow of the sun might be good for fire magic, but the room felt like a sauna and I was currently wearing a sheen of sweat.

Dating the Witch. Or Not.

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Lessons of Dating a Witch

Okay, not actually. But even though I’m new at this witch stuff, I’m pretty sure things aren’t supposed to randomly burst into flames around me. It’s really starting to cramp my style. To make matters worse, I accidentally put my date in a magical coma. And somehow— a rookie mistake —I yanked Daniel’s soul from his body. As a witch, I totally suck.

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I usually posts how tos and general knowledge and advice posts but this one is more focused on my own witchy life. Specifically my significant other helping me and supporting me with my craft despite not believing it himself. I’ve been open and honest with my boyfriend since very early on that I practice witchcraft, and it didn’t bother him. Over a year later were still together and he not only accepts my craft but supports me and helps me. He takes me out for walks through the woods in hopes that he can show me animals and find things for my craft.

He helps me get special things for my altar, like a deer skull that he found himself out in the woods. I’ll do a more detailed post on this skull with more pictures of it once it’s fully clean. For someone who doesn’t believe in magic, he is more than just accepting of me. And I am truly blessed to have someone like him in my life.

I hope that this gives hope for people looking to date but nervous about how their partner will react to their craft.

witch dating

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Have you ever wanted to date a beautiful contemporary witch? In this text adventure, you play the role of William the demonologist during his first night out with.

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Gay witch dating

Spell casters have always intrigued me and I bet they would make memorable dates. A good selection of levitation spells would make intimate moments interesting and the fear of having an awful curse placed on you after an argument would ensure you always washed up your dishes, put your clothes in the laundry bin and cleaned the house every week. This sounds like fun! I am now sat wondering why I never became a sorceress.

Wicca Dating strives to help you “discover local witches,” and the team and the gender you’re looking for (the site is lesbian and gay friendly).

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Are you dating a witch? Hide your underwear 🙂